Practical Advice On Swift Secrets In Wedding Gifts

I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror, yet this would be my face on my wedding day? I had obsessed about my double chin, my chubby arms, my flabby thighs for months.It was like the universe was laughing in my face. My gigantic, pus filledface.The one day in your lifethat you are meant to feel and look your most beautiful, and I would look like Quazimodo. ALSO SEE: Blogger gets real about trying to woo her husband back She contemplated postponing the wedding but then thoughtabout her friends and family who loved her so unconditionally that theytraveled hundreds of kilometres just to see her happy. She came to a harrowing realization that made her change her mind. I have a stunning man. A man that loves meHe loves my wobbly bits, my stubbly legs, my dimpled thighs. He even loves my big, fat face. How could I speak so poorly of his wife? she wrote, referring to herself. I had always thought that I loved myself but in that moment I realizedI never really had.

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